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Climate protests Just Stop Oil.  

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0 - 18:48 26.10.2022

In a London gallery, Just Stop Oil activists
staged a performance about climate problems
in the world.

In Great Britain today, read the latest news
on climate protests in England,
Germany, France, USA, Russia, China, Scotland,
Czech Republic, India, Canada, Norway,
Poland, Finland, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Portugal,
Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands -
Holland , Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan,
Europe, Asia, Africa and East people are
protesting against environmental pollution.

A deadly chemical and a toxic substance
everywhere and in everything, in water,
soil, air and in all plants, vegetables
and fruits. Based on the above, there
is nothing clean and safe anywhere,
everything is poisoned everywhere.
It became scary to live through the fault
of people, they devastated, poisoned
and mutilated the earth, rivers, lakes,
seas, oceans, forests, meadows, mountains
and the atmosphere.

In all regions of the world, people, flora
and fauna get sick and die from chemicals,
industry, transport, sewage,
cesspools, landfills and so on.

All water, land and atmosphere on the globe
are poisoned by thousands of toxic substances,
and trillions of tons of toxic waste are buried
in the earth, in rivers, lakes, seas, oceans
and mountains all over the world;
It is the main cause of disease and death
in all parts of the world.
People think that they live far from a large
number of industrial zones and cities
and will not suffer from toxic substances,
but their joy is premature.
I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich, I visited many
parts of the world from 1974 to 2008, and nowhere
did I find a milligram of clean water,
a gram of clean soil, and nowhere there clean air.

Environmental pollution knows no state borders,
affects everyone, no matter where you live or live
thousands of kilometers from industrial areas,
cities, landfills, garbage dumps and highways,
all this knows no borders.
Everything we pollute spreads around
the world and poisons everything in its path.

There is only one positive news in Europe,
the European Court in Luxembourg called
on the Poles to stop mining coal, ore, copper,
zinc, tin, soil, gravel, sand, stone and so on.
The extraction of all this has led to huge
underground voids, which is why rivers,
lakes and reservoirs in Europe become
shallow and dry up, flora and fauna die,
people are forced to limit water consumption.
In Poland, the Vistula is getting shallower,
hundreds of other rivers and reservoirs
are drying up. All water goes into underground
voids, the depths of which are enormous.

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